Science Fiction Series

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William Fenwick

★★★★★ When it comes to Sci-Fi, I guess I’d admit to being a bit of a snob. I’ve read everything from Philip K. Dick to Robert Heinlein to Peter F. Hamilton, and when I get on an author kick, I devour anything and everything that author has ever written. So I know my stuff. And at first, I was afraid that a new author would not be able to deliver the consciousness emersion I crave in a good read. I’m glad to report that only a couple chapters in, I had fallen through the hole in the pages—or trusty e-reader screen—and I didn’t resurface until I was shocked out of the story by the cliff-hanger ending. Without ruining the story or giving anything away, I found the young adult love antics and alien attempts at courting to be quite diverting and completely believable. I was satisfied to the core by the detailed science and politics of the alien race–the author does a great job at delivering the science without making you work for it.

Loren Blowers is doing for true, old school Sci-Fi what Suzanne Collins did for Fantasy and Stephanie Myers did for Supernatural. The book is Sci-Fi, but Blowers has a writing style that makes the female point of view accessible. The feisty and alluring, yet flawed and relatable, Bianca will have the ladies on her side (or wishing they were her), and I’ve always wished more chicks would get into Sci-Fi. Even as an adult male, I was truly concerned about how the alien dating game was going to play out. Unlike typical Sci-Fi, I was able to side with the female, but I still empathized with the frustrated alien males. Bianca is confusing and frustrating (kind of like every girlfriend I’ve ever had), however I kept rooting for her throughout the story no matter what she said or did.

Loren Blowers is an author to watch, and this series is one a wide-ranging audience will enjoy. The time is now to get on board, so when everyone else is bingeing on the HBO or Netflix series, you can brag that you read the book when it first came out.

Zach Stairwalt

★★★★★ As a long time Sci-Fi fan sometimes it’s difficult to find a book that is not only completely original, but F*cking amazing!

Loren Blowers is a very welcome breath of fresh air to the genre. Her writing style is slick. Her characters are extremely detailed and complex, but at the same time extremely tangible. You find yourself wondering if she mirrored them after real life people.

The story it's self is amazing. She has truly crafted out an incredibly detailed universe that is all at once exciting and crazy in a good way. Plus she has included a glossary at the end of the book that alone impressed me. It shows how much thought she really put into this. This book was so much more than I first expected. I knew I would like it but going into it was expecting something just fun and Campy. It’s so much more. Yes it’s got its tongue in cheek moments. A good dose of dry sarcasm. And a cast of characters that are truly unique. In the end I LOVED it. It’s one of the few books recently that I've picked up that I wanted to read it straight through. Wondering what is going to happen next. I certainly cannot wait for book 2. I will be re-reading this one as I’m sure on a second go through, like a good movie, I will notice things I may have missed the first time around.

In closing I will say Bravo Mrs. Blowers. It’s an amazing piece of work!


★★★★★ What an astounding debut novel! This fascinating book is able -- thanks to the remarkable skill of its author -- to swerve from sharply funny to terse action and then spiral up into scenes of majestic spirituality. It is clearly the start of an epic series that fans of hard-core science fiction will not want to miss.

Darrin Nordahl

★★★★★ Sci-Fi is so not my thing.

But there I was, browsing through Amazon and somehow I stumbled across this book. I will admit (somewhat sheepishly) that the book's cover is what grabbed me. And then I read the title; a title so corny, it underscores the brilliantly creative mind behind it. I then read the synopsis. Aliens, romance, and cigars for this non-fiction, non-smoking kind of guy? Yup. I was hooked instantly. I had to buy it. And boy-howdy I am glad I did.

I love the detailed descriptions of the aliens, the humans, and the settings both earthly and extraterrestrial. And the author's humor! OMG I found myself literally laughing out loud throughout the book. A great wit is a true sign of a great mind. The book is captivating, sexy, and chilling; even kinky at times but hilariously so. It is the perfect sci-fi thriller / romance. I would love to see how Hollywood might render the scenes and characters described in this book. THIS would be a movie worth the price of today's ticket prices!


★★★★★ The Stingwisher is by far one of my favorite books of all time! I found myself day dreaming about what Bianca was going to do next, and the story made be actually laugh out loud, cringe, smile, gasp, and rush to turn the page. Loren Blowers is an incredibly gifted writer (with quite the vocabulary) and will teach you a thing or two along the way. You know it's a good book when you have to look up what a word means from time to time. Her vocabulary is out of this world!!(hehe) Bianca's edgy personality keeps you on your toes and yearning for book two to come out. I bought the ebook for myself so I could easily reference words along the way, but I also bought two hard copies so I could share them with my roommates. I HIGHLY recommend this book!!! I seriously think it could easily be made into a movie one day (fingers crossed).

Rick Barry

★★★★★ These aliens smoke cigars, and this earthling has smoked everything. She's an unlikely choice to be responsible for saving our favorite planet, but sometimes you get the heroine who's in the right place at the right time. (For us, though maybe not for her.) This first novel -- I'm betting a second is on its way pretty soon -- is a real page-turner. I certainly imagined a better looking alien than the dude who's on the cover, but never mind that. The tale is wild but well-crafted, and pretty close to plausible, too. And for a reader who isn't exactly addicted to the sci-fi - humor genre (if there is such a genre), that's pretty important. Oh, I should mention: alien sex can get pretty steamy. I don't know if that's a recommendation or a warning to the faint of heart, but there it is. A great read from this California newcomer. I just finished it, why do I have an urge to light up a panatella?

Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★ I am not a sci-fi fan but something compelled me to read this book -- I don't know what it was, perhaps the provocative photo of the cigar-smoking author. Now that I just completed the first installment (yes, the ending cries out for at least one sequel), I may not be signing up for the next Trekkie convention but I am more than intrigued by this genre. The author's imagination in creating this creepy yet mesmerizing alien space beneath the surface of Earth is extraordinary. It is described in such vivid detail that you feel as though you, the reader, have been abducted from the USC medical school campus (scary enough as it is) by aliens and transported to a place not of this world. The monster in this tale victimizes its prey by a method so terrifying I'm afraid I will never be able to erase the images from my mind. What I most appreciated were the laugh-out-loud tidbits throughout the book. The protagonist -- and the author -- clearly has a lively sense of humor which makes this an extremely fun read.