Science Fiction Series

Meet Loren Blowers

Loren Blowers is a freelance writer and lifelong sci-fi fanatic. She traces her fascination with space back to one of her earliest and most influential childhood experiences, sitting under her mother's ironing board, watching a newscast of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walk on the moon. Growing up she nurtured this formative passion by maintaining a steady diet of comic books, science fiction novels and never-missed afternoon episodes of Star Trek.

A native Californian, she attended both UCLA and USC on academic scholarships, receiving an MS in biostatistics from SC. Her first publications appeared in medical journals. Thereafter, she published articles in magazines for popular consumption.

Her debut novel--Cigar Smoking Jerks from Outer Space, Book I of III in The Stingwisher series--she wrote as a bedtime story (to herself) after her second child was born and her time was no longer her own (at least, not until everyone else was asleep).

She is now living happily ever after with her two cats and the playful ghost of her beloved dog, Waldo.