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Cdr. Raddo Rotic

Exsulloar Cdr. Raddo Vaelitri Aoma Rotic 

Planet of Origin - Tultor

Age - Decline to state

Height - 6'11"

Rank - Commander, Tultoromae Imperial Interstellar Elite Forces 

Presently Stationed - Maré Base, Planet of Megora (Earth)

Cdr. Raddo Rotic holds the dual distinctions of being the youngest Imperial Interstellar Elite Forces Commander as well as being the youngest Minister of Defense in Tultoromae history. Formally educated as a Defense Anthropologist, he was additionally assigned to be the Chief Sociological Consultant to the Tultoromae Megoramog Project—the committee that will oversee the integration of Tultoromae with Earthlings. He also holds many distinctions for his military service. 

Additional Information

Raddo was born into an aristocratic family, the second son in a household of eight children. Of his three brothers (one older and two younger) and four sisters (three older and one younger), Raddo’s youngest brother and sister, Hooli and Thalia, are his only surviving siblings.

Raddo's father, Tourb, carries the title of Exsulloar (as does Raddo), which would correspond to a Marquis. In his civilian life, Tourb was a business magnate. At a young age he showed an uncommon talent for metallurgy and, prior to his disappearance, held several of what we would call "patents" for alloys and related products that he designed. Unfortunately, he did not return from the last battle of the Eoen-oen war and—though presumed to be dead—is classified as missing. Tourb married an Amalamae above his lineage, Hathea Aoma, the daughter of a Domitor. While Hathea had a passion for other cultures, it was only with tremendous reluctance that she fulfilled her military obligations as a diplomat specializing in interplanetary conflict resolution. She was happiest when left alone to sculpt. Since Hathea’s death, many of her pieces are considered to be of historic significance, nearly priceless in value.