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Bianca Lombardi

Bianca Gabriella Teresa Fiumara Mazzagati di Steffano Lombardi Artois

Planet of Origin - Earth (Megora)​

Age - 21

Height - 5’9”

At the time of her abduction by the Tultoromae on the morning of September 29, 2014, Bianca was a graduate student at USC in the School of Medicine.

Having spent considerable time in both France and Italy as a child, Bianca is fluent in both Italian and French, as well as English. Until her abrupt departure from the New York City Ballet, it was presumed that she would follow in her mother's footsteps to become a world-class performer. However, barely into the second season of her apprenticeship, she suddenly quit, left New York and traveled to Los Angeles where she began studies at USC, apparently having a passion for medicine, like her father.

Additional Information

Bianca is the daughter of two very successful high-profile parents. Her father, Vince Lombardi (named after the famous football coach) is a world-renowned neurosurgeon, the recipient of numerous professional and humanitarian awards, including one Nobel Prize. He gained public recognition, however, after saving the life of the son of a powerful drug lord (but that's another story). Alette Lombardi Artois, Bianca's mother, is the première danseuse of the New York City Ballet. Because of her incomparable talent, Alette was recently awarded the auspicious (though now rarely used) title of Prima Ballerina Assoluta.

Bianca's only sibling, Jean Yves Vincent Pierre, is deceased.