Science Fiction Series

Book I - Cigar Smoking Jerks from Outer Space

Book I - Cigar Smoking Jerks from Outer Space

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The heroic misadventures of an LA party girl abducted by tobacco loving jackass-teroids.

Bianca Lombardi is living on the edge. With excessive drinking and drug use about to destroy her life, she vows on her twenty-first birthday to clean up her act. But a cigar smoking jerk from outer space and a voluptuous prostitute with an axed off face arrive unexpectedly to derail her plans. 

Abducted by the Tultoromae - extraterrestrials who have been decimated by a merciless enemy - Bianca is transported to an alien base deep beneath Earth's surface. Believing she is the key to their salvation from extinction, the Tultoromae will stop at nothing to force her compliance, no indulgence, cruelty or psychological warfare too great. To escape the sadistic torments of her chief abductor and warn her world of the insidious threat growing below, Bianca must gamble her life and that of the one alien with whom she is forging a powerful bond, Cdr. Raddo Rotic.