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Truth is in the Bubbles

“God is Love,” proclaimed the atheist.
               Bleated the sheep, “Profound.”

“Love is God,” lectured the professor.
               Marked the students, “T.”

“Love is patient,” preached the... Continue reading


A dove landed in my garden today
  So I let my cat out
     To kill it
      Can you understand...
    Can you possibly love
The instincts of a cat,

         Lover?... Continue reading


Ragged skull
    Hollow sockets
         Sharp cheek
              On prayerful finger bones

Rest shadow man
         In the coming
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Sweet Spot

It feels so good

  To wander the woods at night
     Until you find your place
             close your eyes and breathe deep
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The Good, the Bad, and the Bloggly

GoD, ThaT felt GOOD!!!

I just changed my “Blog” menu heading to “Not a Blog.” Thus, this will be my second and final “Blog,” after which I will be posting UNblog-like stuff, meaning whatever the hell I want.... Continue reading