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Author: Loren Blowers

Loren Blowers

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Loren's Poetry

All so Was

Was it your handsome face, Mein Kampf?
     amazing hands
     ​or those lips
          oh, my, those lips
          and your kiss
     took my sight
​     my freedom
     my will to fight.
Was it the white hot rollercoaster orgasms?
​     commanding my hips
​          and, oh, your lips to my lips
​          screaming and screaming
          as we rode the night.
Was it your SS-Ehrenring?
     secret rage
​          or host of demons
​               in a hidden cage.
​The battered cigarette case?
​     wherein open graves
​     and bodies high
          to which you effortlessly shut your eyes
​          with a smile and a wink
          inhaling smoke, exhaling lies
​                of despots admired
                and earthly angels viciously satired.
I​ must leave, Mein Kampf,
     Mein Liebling,
          for I'm afraid
          a moment here
​          and I shall kneel.
​A moment more, Mein Liebling,
          and for you
          for love
​          I shall hate anything.

                                                                                           Loren Blowers © 2017

Reader Reviews

★★★★★ When it comes to Sci-Fi, I guess I’d admit to being a bit of a snob. I’ve read everything from Philip K. Dick to Robert Heinlein to Peter F. Hamilton, and when I get on an author kick, I devour anything and everything that author has ever written. So I know my stuff. And at first, I was afraid that a new author would not... Continue reading

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