Science Fiction Series

Author: Loren Blowers

Loren Blowers

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Loren's Poetry

The Cure

Why do I long for you tonight,
As though you gutted me with a knife,
Slashed my throat,
And gouged my eyes,
Still in love,
Knowing all your lies?

You know what? I don't care!
It's this pain! This everlasting pain!
That I can't bear!
So, fuck the misery you put me through!
Fuck it!
Because the only cure...
                                           is you.

                                                                                            © Loren Blowers 2018 

Reader Reviews

★★★★★ When it comes to Sci-Fi, I guess I’d admit to being a bit of a snob. I’ve read everything from Philip K. Dick to Robert Heinlein to Peter F. Hamilton, and when I get on an author kick, I devour anything and everything that author has ever written. So I know my stuff. And at first, I was afraid that a new author would not... Continue reading

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